Momo Hamada



Lessons are an interactive experience between myself and the student.

Developing a basic technique is an important element of overall musical development, providing students with tools required to explore their creative side and self expression.  It could be composing your own music, or recreating the memorable song you heard - the possibilities are endless.

Every student is different.  I chose teaching materials carefully to suit the requirements and learning style of the individual student.

- Current Blue Card holder
- Fees $44 per 30 minutes lesson, payable per school term
- Lessons provided in English or Japanese languages





Momo teaches classes from her studio in West End, Brisbane. Please e-mail her at or call 0403988366 for free trial lesson and bookings.


Teaching style

Momo's believes in taking a holistic approach for her lessons. This means developing physical aspect of playing music, as well as having the correct mindset towards musical development.

Lessons involve maintaining correct posture and use of hands and feet, and anywhere else necessary to make music, moving on to learning rhythm patterns, music reading, developing necessary listening skills, singing the melodies, music theory, expressions, dynamics.. the list goes on, but over all, HAVE FUN!  Momo is very serious about having fun with music, lots and lots of it! 


Her Early Childhood Music classes also involve learning simple rhythm patters, hand signs (Do-Re-Mi), and Japanese nursery rhymes/folk songs that she has studied through her time in Japan. Students get to try simple instruments like triangles, tamborine, rhythm sticks... and even sign language!

Through these classes Momo aims to develop love of music in her students.  Apart from sharing her musical experience with her students, she also focuses on developing a sense of commitment, dedication and achievement in her students.  And of course, having lots of fun while they are at it - this cannot be stressed enough!



Momo was recommended to me by a friend who returned to piano lessons as an adult. I was nervous about trying to play again, as it has been over 30 years since I learned piano as a child, and I have forgotten how to read music. I did not want to put pressure on myself with music exams or performances – I just wanted to be able to play for pleasure. Momo took time to get to know me and the kind of music I wanted to play. We used some music I bought second-hand from the Lifeline Book Fest and some music that Momo suggested to me. My favourite pieces are by Nils Frahm.

I work full-time and have two children with busy lives, so it has been difficult to squeeze in much time to practice. However, I enjoy it when I do play, and I have been steadily learning and improving. I played 3 short pieces at Momo’s end of year recital, which was really challenging and exciting. Momo is strong on technique as well as being really gentle and encouraging to her students of all ages. I would highly recommend her to you for your child or for yourself!

- Genevieve, December 2018

"I think lessons are great! They are never too long - sometimes I want to spend hours on it, thank you for teaching me. You teach me everything I will ever need to know about Piano!"

- Stella







- 晶子

"We are really happy and grateful for your diligence in teaching our 3.5yr old daughter Emma piano. After the first two lessons with you, she became so interested in learning more from your piano lessons and keen to practicing everyday at home. Thank you so much for your great patience and skills in helping her to learn step by step!"

- Jessy

Momo Hamada - student

"Isaac has been coming to Momo for piano lessons for 3 months.  During this time, he has bloomed in his musicality. Momo has built a good relationship with Isaac and is very adaptive to Isaac's music needs. Every lesson is fun."

- Esther (Isaac's mum)

"I am an adult student of Momo. Momo has been very flexible in choosing music pieces for me to play, and my new chapter of musical experience so far is thoroughly enjoyable. It has been helping me improve the technique, and I am more confident than before when playing in front of the audience."

"At Momo’s children music class, she doesn’t play the ordinary Japanese nursery songs which everyone knows. She only plays unique songs which I have never heard, like old children's songs, nursery rhymes, and regional songs. When I joined the lesson, I was not very familiar with this type of music, but now I love the simple and original melody. Even my son is singing at home now and enjoys the lessons.

I’ve never thought that I could learn old Japanese children songs and share with my children here in Brisbane, far from Japan.  New songs are added every term and the lessons never become dull. I am always amazed at Momo’s passion for music, her lesson, and general teaching philosophy."

- 古野ゆり